Meet our team

Ryan & Kimberly

Owners of Southern Seed Exchange and co-founders of Apothecary Monthly.

Anthony & Hannah

Co-founders of Apothecary Monthly.

Team Kiddos

This is a family run operation and these guys have shown a passion for herbal medicine and our businesses that never ceases to surprise us.

How it all started

Coming from a long line of herbalists, farmers and conservationists, we were born and raised in the dirt and with that came an immense love for everything that grows. That passion led to the formation of Southern Seed Exchange in 2019 as a medicinal seed shop on Etsy and we quickly grew to include more than 400 varieties of medicinal and culinary herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables. 

Over the past few, it has become evident that a change has occurred and people were trying to take their health into their own hands. I don't know if it was the pandemic or the healthcare system, but people right now have an unquenching thirst for medicinal plants and their knowledge. Being a seed company that focused almost exclusively on medicinal herbs, we knew that we could bring a focused approach to learning herbalism to simplify and demystify the process.

Are you ready to get started?